GYS GYSPOT 39.02 Dent Puller Steel

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    SKU: 052215
    Category: Dent Puller, Dent Puller, Dent Puller, GYS

    GYS GYSPOT 39.02 Steel Dent Puller with basic Accessories

    Ref: 052215

    Please note, following video is of a different model, GYS Gyspot PRO 230, however all function of dent pulling are available with the GYSPOT 39.02

    230V steel dent puller with 3800A output current, ideal for all steel straightening and dent pulling jobs. Simple to use thanks to its automatic gun and its user friendly control panel.


    Only 2 parameters to select :

    • the output power level (amongst 11 levels)

    • the tool which is used (amongst 7 tools) => no need to select the welding current and welding time anymore.

    Automatic triggering

    The welding is triggered automatically by a simple contact between the tool and the part to straighten.

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