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GYS Plasma Cutter K25

SKU: 068063
Category: GYS, Plasma Cutter


Ref : 068063
The EASYCUT K25 plasma cutter, without high-frequency (HF) ignition,cuts easily through all types of metal up to 8 mm thick. Its built-in compressor makes it ideal for a outdoor or remote working where only an electricity supply is available.
Built-in air compressor Quality cutting without distortion
In situations where the welder does not have access to compressed air, the EASYCUT K25 is a perfect solution for enabling outdoor work with its built-in compressor.
The use of plasma ensures high-quality cuts even on painted structures:
up to 8 mm for steel, stainless steel and cast iron.
up to 6 mm for aluminium and copper.
No HF Start
Featuring the «Pilot Arc» system, the arc is initiated without having to touch the workpiece. This non-HF ignition system avoids all electromagnetic interference (from radios, computers, telephones or from medical equipment, etc.).

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