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    Category: GYS, Induction Heater

    POWERDUCTION 37LG (056992)

    Ref: 0526992


    The POWERDUCTION 37LG Induction Heater provides instant and powerful heating to release, or simply heat, steel or aluminium.

    Light and portable, it will heat metal parts for several minutes without interruption thanks to the water cooling system.

    The ideal tool for mechanical and maintenance:

    • essential to release steering linkage (wheel alignment).

    • removal of glow plugs, seized up wipers, spare wheel crates.

    • releasing of seized up bolts.

    • releasing of steering ball joints without damaging the bellow.

    • releasing of shaft drives seized up in the hub.

    • removal of automotive or truck exhaust lines.

    • removal of steel or aluminium elements assembled with glue.

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