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R54,950.00 excluding VAT
SKU: 066342
Category: Aluminium Repair, GYS, Rim Repair Equipment, TiG Welding

GYS PROTIG 201 AC/DC FV with Following Accessories

TORCHE TIG SR26 L – AIR – 8m – CONNECT. 35/50 + Fiche 7pts (046184)

Electrode Holder 200, 35/50mm connectors (043855)

Earth clamp, 4m, 35/50 connectors (043794)

TROLLEY 10m³ (039704)

The PROTIG 201 AC/DC is the professional TIG welding solution for welding all types of metal up to 4 mm thick (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper or titanium). It ensures a very high level of precision in many areas such as fabrication, maintenance or piping.

6 TIG AC/DC processes

• Welding current : 10 to 200 A (TIG AC), 10 to 160 A (TIG DC)

• TIG DC – Standard : Ensures a quality weld on all ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steel but also copper and its alloys, titanium…

• TIG DC Pulse : Controls molten temperature, limits deformation and thus allows the assembly of thin sheets from 0.3 mm.

• TIG DC SPOT: Pre-assembles ferrous metal parts by tacking

TIG AC – Easy : Makes the use of the welding machine easier thanks to predefined settings. The user only selects the diameter of his tungsten electrode on the interface.

TIG AC – Standard : Designed for welding aluminium and its alloys (Al, AlSi, AlMg, AlMn…). Alternating current provides cleaning of the aluminium for a perfect weld.

• TIG AC – SPOT : Pre-assembles the aluminium parts by tacking.

2 modes of coated electrode welding

• Welding current : from 10 to 160 A (MMA)

• MMA Standard : Accepts basic, rutile electrodes up to Ø 4 mm.

• MMA Pulse : Helps welding in a vertical upright position (nozzles/pipeline).


Designed for user comfort

• 2 types of start-up : HF (without contact) or LIFT (with contact) for electro-sensitive environments.

• 3 trigger modes:

– 2 times: maintain pressure on the trigger throughout the weld.

– 4 times: to start welding, press the trigger only once and then press the trigger again to stop welding.

– 4T «LOG»: the operator chooses at any time between 2 welding currents by a short pulse on the trigger (hot and cold current).

• MMA welding assistance:

– Antisticking : reduces the risks of the electrode sticking if it comes into contact with the workpiece

– Hot Start: Assists in Arc ignition and can be adjusted according to the type of metal

– Arc Force Adjustable: regulates the arc length deviations

• VRD (voltage reduction device): the welding current is only delivered when the electrode is in contact with the workpiece (not originally activated).


Robust design for all environments

• Reinforced chassis and Anti-shock absorbant protection

• Compact and lightweight design

• Current/Voltage display after welding (DMOS/QMOS)

• Storage of up to 50 programs per process

• Connectivity for remote controls

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