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    Category: Aluminium Repair, GYS, Riveting, Special Car Body Tools

    The GYSPRESS 10T PUSH-PULL rivet gun is a pneumatic-hydraulic setting tool specifically designed for rivets used in automotive repair, such as self-piercing rivets, flow-form rivets, or solid rivets.

    The Push-Pull system allows an easy extraction of punching dies from thick stacks of Aluminium or Steel sheets, therefore saving precious time.

    ACCURATE SETTINGS The pressure, as well as the die speed, can be precisely adjusted in order to place rivets without any sheet distortion

    Push Pull system : This innovation facilitates the extraction of the punching dies thanks to the use of a stripper and pulling action.

    ERGONOMIC AND EFFICIENT Maximum pressure of 10 tons with integrated pressure gauge. Fast and easy arm change. C-arm swivels 360° around the riveting machine axle. Selection of arms available for difficult access situations. Easy to use ergonomic handle and trigger. Magnetic die makes rivet positioning easy


    Delivered with : – 2 die keys – 1 strap – 1 arm HR110 – 1 handle for arm HR110 – 1 box of rivets 063310 HR210 063327 HR310 063334 1 standard die kit for rivet positioning and extraction + centering punch Sets of dies for – self-piercing rivets (Ø 3.3 and 5.3 mm) – flow-form rivets Ø 6 mm

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