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HBC Trolley Mobile

R59,950.00 excluding VAT

5-10 Working Days

SKU: 00.308
Category: HBC Smart Repair, Workshop Trolley

Trolley mobile Part no. 00.308

This fully equipped SMART Repair Trolley from HBC system is developed for the highend SMART Repair specialist.

It includes all the necessary systems to make the most common high-end repairs in the SMART Repair business.

All required tools are included; airbrush, mini scale, caulking gun, etc.

All in one kit, – trolley mobile system

System A: Fabric and velour repair system

System B1: Repair system for plastic, leather and vinyl

System B2: Texture coat kit

System B3: Color mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl (aqua Scan)

System B4: Spray color system for plastic and vinyl (12 Standard colors)


Dimensions: 490 x 311 x 820mm

Gross weight 24 kg

Packing paper box 510 x 320 x 840mm.


00.023 Airbrush

00.088 Mini scale 0,01 Gram

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