Keco K-Bar Collision Kit 

    SKU: 410-8387-110 
    Category: Glue Pull Repair, Glue Pull Repair, Keco

    K-Bar Collision Kit 

    SKU: 410-8387-110 

    Great for simply roughing damage out with speed and efficiency, this kit includes the basic tools and tabs to move metal quickly. 

    • Turnkey kit – includes the tools, tabs, and glue to start glue pulling large damage 

    • Flexible tab assortment – a variety of Centipede and SuperTabs 

    • Affordable foundation – a tool kit you can build upon as your GPR skills progress along the repair continuum 

    • Glue gun & glue – 10 sticks of glue and a GPR Star glue gun will get you started 

    • Storage & organization – included tab organizer will fit your tabs, glue gun, and glue sticks 

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