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Keco Level 2 Kit

Category: Aluminium Repair, Glue Pull Repair, Glue Pull Repair, Keco

GPR – Glue Pull Repair by Keco

Level 2 Kit is perfect for panel shops with more experience.

As you move through the entire continuum towards a flat finish – a repair requiring no body filler to finish – Keco provides you with the tools to complete the job.

The Keco Level 2 GPR System contains all of the tools you need to achieve success at any point in the repair continuum.




K-Beam Jr.

Robo Lifter

2.5lb Slide Hammer

Mini Slide Hammer

U-Bolt Adapter


SuperTab Adapter

Edge Adapter

Robo C-Hook

Robo Crease Feet


36″ Shop Light (Shop System)

20″ Portable Light (Portable Kit)

Tabs (150x)

Centipedes Crease (24x)

Centipedes Crease Curved (12x)

Dead Center Centipedes (5x)

Supertabs (8x)

Supertab Edge (2x)

Dead Center SuperTabs (10x)

Dead Center Finishing (40x)

Dead Center Crease (36x)

Viper Articulating Tabs (10x)

Flip Tabs (6x)


JVF Body Hammer

JVF Blending Hammer

Black Swan Guide Knockdown

Crown Slappers

Knockdown Tips (5x)


Tab Organizer (2x)

Tool Cart (Shop Version)

Tool Bag (Portable Version)


Camauto Flex Collision Glue

Tabweld Rigid Glue


GPR Star Glue Gun x 2

Infrared Thermometer

Robo Precision Plate


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