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    The AUTOPULSE 320-T3 (VAS 821 005) is an INVERTER Pulse MIG welder

    With high speed digital technology, and maximum welding current of 320A. Equipped with 3 wirefeeders, all with 4 rollers and electronic regulation, this product can be used either with standard torches, or a Push Pull torch, or even a Spool gun.

    It is perfectly adapted to the welding of soft wires such as Aluminium (AlSi5 or AlSi12).

    The 46 synergy programs for Steel, Stainless steel, brazing (CuSi3 or CuAl8), and Aluminium, can easily be selected thanks to a simple 2 buttons interface and a large colour screen of the latest generation.

    The intuitive menus propose an EASY mode, with only 2 settings to be adjusted.

    The intuitive operation and the reproducibility of the jobs provide a definitive advantage.

    The TACK function is also available for manual welding.


    All the standard MIG and brazing weldings, with or without pulses.

    Operating modes:

    2T / 4T (special 4T function available, with control of Hot Start, Upslope, Downslope, Crater Filler, …).

    Time savings:

    The product can be equipped with 3 different welding consumables simultaneously, which allows switching between different weldings in only seconds, without any changes on the product. The commutation between one torch to the other is automatic (gas protection, wire feeding, synergy program) by a simple pressure on the torch trigger.

    • Stand for 2x 4m3 gas bottles included

    • 3x wire-feeders, 4 rollers, integrated

    • Torch support included

    • 3 torches 250A, length 3m, for Steel, Brazing (CuSi3, CuAl8)

    and Aluminium.

    • Ground cable 4m/35mmÇ, with clamp

    • Universal reel stands

    • USB port

    • Present Firmware

    • Documentation in paper and electronic format

    • CE Electrical supply cable

    • User Manual in paper and electronic format

    • Set-up and on-site training

    • Cooling as an option

    CE Certification of Inverter based pulse MIG welder, Conformity declaration and compliance with other norms available under request.

    Technical characteristics:

    Nominal input voltage:

    400 V – 3~ +/-15%

    (3 x 208/240 V, option)

    Current supply frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Protection: 16 A

    Protection rating: IP23

    Wire feeding:

    3 x wire-feeders, 4 rollers

    Push-Pull torch in option

    Wire speed:

    0,5-20m/min adjustable by steps of

    0,1m /min.

    Torches connection : Euro

    Cooling: AF

    No load voltage (Uo): According to IEC 60974-1

    Nominal Output Current: 10 – 320 A

    Welding Voltage: 14,5 – 32 V

    Operating temperature: -10°C – +40°C

    Storage temperature: -20°C – +55°C

    Dimensions L/W/H: 100 x 92 x 60 cm

    Weight: 88 kg


    Push-Pull Torch 250 A. – 4 m (option ref. 037915)

    The GYS Push-Pull torch 250A / 4M allows, thanks to its integrated

    motor in the handle, to better feed the welding wire. The wire

    speed is constant thanks to synchronisation with the wire feeder

    of the welding unit. The combined action of the wire feeder pushing

    the wire and the traction in the handle makes the welding of

    thin and soft wires, such as Aluminium, possible with extremely

    smooth wire speed.

    Current range: 15 – 220 Amp.

    Duty cycle EN60976-1 (40°C): 20% – 220 Amp.

    Total weight: 3 kg

    Length: 4 m

    Wire diameters: 0,8 – 1,2 mm

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