Automatic Wheel Painting Robot

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    World’s first fully automatic Wheel Painting Machine

    Introducing the fully automatic wheel painting machine – A patented, wheel painting robot, capable of painting both sides of a wheel from start to finish, fully automated, utilizing either a regular spray gun or an aerosol. Eliminates any guesswork or inconsistencies when painting wheels! The footprint of the wheel painting machine is identical to that of our WR-DCM3 Diamond Cut Wheel Machine (1 x 1 x 1,75m), allowing it to paint wheels from 13 all the way up to 22 inches.


    Dual-Sided Painting

    A vital part of its operation is the dual-sided (front/back) painting capability using either a regular spray gun OR an aerosol can – including the application of Primer, Base color, and Clearcoat.

    360° Vertical Rotation

    The wheel automatically rotates in a smooth motion ensuring a steady material application that is difficult to duplicate by hand – resulting in consistent results with no irregularities.
    from start to finish

    Full Process Painting

    On the setup screen you can activate Primer, Color or Clear Coat and then input the following application settings.

    Set one or dual sided
    Set from 1 to 3 layers
    Set drying time

    Automatic product shift to the next step


    Aerosol Shifter and Shaker

    The Paint Machine operates with special HLVP aerosols and will automatically shift between variables (base color, clear coat, primer). The usage of aerosols eliminates spray gun cleaning or having to invest in cleaning equipment.

    Wheel Paint curing systems

    The Wheel Paint machine is equipped with 2 types of curing systems. Infra-Red (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are installed inside the machine to make sure the primer, base coat, and clear coat will be cured in the best and fastest way possible. Depending on the type of paint used which is selected in the program, the lamps are switched on for the required time to fully cure the layers applied. Once cured the rim can be taken out of the machine allowing the tire to be mounted. Curing times are between 35 seconds for UV up to 20 min for IR.
    WM500 / WM600


    Height 1750mm
    Width 1000mm
    Length 1000mmPower supply: 220 / 110 Volt / 16 A
    Wheel size: 13”– 22”
    Screen: 12“ touch panel display

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