Tyre Bead Breaker Machine

    SKU: WM200
    Category: Rim Repair Equipment, Wheel Restore
    Tags: Mag Rim Repair


    A must-have for alloy wheel repairers and tyre shops.

    Tyre Bead Breaker Machine // WM200

    Professional, high-quality, compact, mobile

    Tyre Bead Breaker from Wheel Restore

    An easy-to-use and highly effective machine that allows technicians to quickly press down the tire from the rim for better access to the damage, for any type of repair (Polished, Painted, or Diamond cut).

    The ultimate equipment for any repairer who doesn’t have access to a tyre changer. Perfect solution for Mobile repairers offering onsite repairs. Increase the speed of your repairs by adding a Tyre Bead Breaker Machine!


    Working Height: 800 mm
    Floor Area: 585 x 485 mm
    Connect to clean dry airline with oil lubricator
    Working Pressure: 80 to 120 PSI
    Weight: 60 kg

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