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Diamond Cut Wheel Machine

Category: Rim Repair Equipment, Uncategorised, Wheel Restore


The Brain of WR-DCM3 is a tailor-made piece of software; 100% designed and engineered in Denmark. 

The software is visualized with clear icons to ensure the machine is always safe and extremely easy to operate. The software is developed to repair wheels, that’s it! 

It produces a better finish than standard larger CNC lathe machines while being much faster and a lot smaller.

Leaving you with better turnaround time and more workshop space. 

Restores diamond cut wheels up to 30” 

Touch screen display 

Step by step software 

Automated LASER probe system 

With or without tyre 

Safety operating door 

Training & technical support 

CE compliant 

Simple process guides, step by step 

Touch screen operation panel 

Operator mistakes reduced 

A minimum of training is required 


Compact Design 

The WR-DCM3 is custom designed for alloy repair. Equivalent machines are often converted CNC lathes with basic and often complicated user software. Whereas the WR-DCM3 is light enough to be installed in the back of a van or a truck. 

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